Books in need of a Reviewer

For various reasons, (I know the author, I am the author, or I'm too swamped to review all of the wonderful rule-breaking books out there,) some books meet the bohemian requirements for review, but they need an objective eye to review them. So here's a running list of books looking for reviewers. If you are interested in becoming a bohemian reviewer, e-mail me at

It should be noted, that all books up for review are being entrusted to the reviewer. Reviewers must take great care to safeguard, (especially electronic copies,) of review copies. The Bohemian Reviewer will take great care in ensuring that intellectual property remains the property of the author, and requires the same of any volunteer reviewers.
Category: Young adult, paranormal

Synopsis: Grace Breeden sees dead people. Why then can't she see her late mother? "Blue guys", as Grace refers to them, roam the earth searching for their opportunity to transcend, but one particularly persistent blue guy is shadowing Grace, involving her in near misses that lead her to surmise that there is something a bit "grim" about this specter. Keeping her friends close and the angel of death closer, she tries to save her living family from the reaper, while searching for her mother on the other side of the ether. But someone, or some thing, is threatened by her gifts and wants her dead.

HEART OF FIRE, by Kristen Painter
Category: Fantasy/Romance
Synopsis: Sometimes love is the most dangerous magic of all... Eager to find her place in the world and understand the frightening gifts she's been born with, Jessalyne Brandborn leaves her sheltered life to become apprentice to the most powerful sorceress in Shaldar. She hires Ertemis, the deadliest man in the realm, to get there. With the Legion's bounty on his head, Ertemis is reluctant to escort Jessalyne but needs the money she offers - especially if he's ever to find out who his father is. On the way, he discovers benefits to Jessalyne's naiveté; she treats him like an equal, not an outlaw. Swayed by Ertemis' gruff charm, Jessalyne starts to trust him and her emotional walls begin to crumble. Little do they know that within them lies the hope of the dying elven race, the renewal of Shaldar's beleaguered kingdom and an incredible chance at love. If they don't kill each other first.